Eggshell drawer pulls/doorknobs etc.

Hello the internet c: Egg shell drawer pulls and doorknobs. Maybe…like…bag hanging wall knobs also? Maybe tiny quail egg lightswitch knobs to be fitted on to nationaltrusthouse-esque flicky switches. I’ve been told that if I fill my house/room with all-eggshell fittings people will assume I have some sort of a c r a z y fertility fetish.


well. Back to egg shell doorknobs: …or maybe forward to why eggs are cool? The second one. I’m not sure. Maybe it’s because unborn babies are fascinating and grotesque and alien and l i m i n a l, or because egg shells are sculpturally intensely pleasing and simple and perfect and they’re a non-perishable organic waste product, and…non-perishable organic waste products call to my artsoul? besides, back to doorknobs, perfectly round is an impractical and unhelpful shape for a doorknob be.

So. Eggshell doorknobs: The PLAN is, more or less:

  1. Empty eggs in to breakfast pan by c a r e f u l l y excavating a hole in the side of the egg shell. Fry /scramble/whatever eggs, wash and keep shells in empty egg box.
  2. ED_planteggs
    For reals tutorial

    Plantprint dye egg shells a la:

  3. Fill with concrete/plaster/some sort of a hardening viscous material, let it set around a bolt/screw/something sticking straight out of the hole in the egg shell
  4. Probably varnish
  5. Screw in to drawer as drawer pull c:

If I wanted it to be a doorknob I guess I’d need to use one of those square sticks I think are inside moving door handles/knobs? and maybe cover it with vaseline before standing it in the cement so it’s removable.

Here’s where I’ve got to so far:

  1. Hole in eggs. Since the hole will be facing the wall/drawer/whatever, it doesn’t need to be the beautifullest or petitest. I’ve been aiming for an oval about 2cm long on a normal normal chicken egg. The most effective method I’ve tried so far is sort of  gently stabbing it with a small kitchen knife until there’s a puncture (but hopefully not a crack), and then carefully picking the hole bigger (still with the knife), taking care to apply the pressure to just the bit you’re trying to chip away to avoid a wider crack in the egg.
  2. Wash eggshell: fill with water, shake empty, repeat a few times, pat outside dry gently with tea towel, let inside air dry
  3. Decorate eggs: howeverwhichanyway. I’ve been trying out plant printing :3 collect (small) leaves and flowers, lay them over the shells, keep them pressed to shells by stretching thin tights over them (tie tights up at the back by wrapping a thread tightly round and round until it wants to stay), let them fill with water so they’ll sink, and boil them in a pan with dye of choice.

The first time I did the egg dyeing I was intending to use red onion skins, but I wasn’t sure the onion dye would give an intense enough colour, so I added red food colouring as well. That worked c: The second time I tried i did it with just a billion red onion skins, and it didn’t really work. Maybe for onion skin dyeing you want white egg shells? It did leave an impression, but the colour wasn’t very strong. Maybe if I’d followed a set of instructions involving mordants it would have worked? I think i’d like to try a load with white eggshells and avocado dye :3 anyways. Now I’m back to chiseling breakfast eggs and building up another eggshell collection for the next lot.


Continued: I’ve been thinking more about quail egg light switches and How. vpab422bk

I think…I’d

  1. Get me some of these —>
  2. Fill partly with viscousy hardening substance, put a plug in the sidehole so the viscousy substance hardens with a well
  3. This should probably have its own post… here endeth this post. I might edit later with reports on drawer pulls

*like the one to which the above image caption links


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